Flatuna Simethicone B.P 80Mg & Activated Charcoal B.P 250Mg 20 Tablets

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Simethicone and Activated Charcoal , Dual coated technology , Effective gas absorbent action.

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Flatuna Tablets are composed of an outer layer of Simethicone 80 mg for gastric release and an inner layer of Charcoal 250 mg for intestinal release. The Simethicone is released in the gastric environment, where it acts by decreasing the surface tension of gas bubbles, thus facilitating their coalescence and expulsion as flatus or belching. The inner layer of activated charcoal is released in the intestinal environment. Activated charcoal being very porous, displays amazing absorption properties. As a result the excess gas sticks to the charcoal tablet, thereby giving immediate relief from bloating.


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