Balsam syrup 120 ml

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Natural cough syrup with a fruity and palatable taste with herbal extracts and natural oils

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Natural Balm Cough Syrup is a combination of natural extracts of thyme leaves, guava leaves, tilia flowers and fennel oil with pure honey. Thyme leaf extract has a cough-soothing and expectorant effect, as well as antimicrobial and decongestant effects. In addition, it has a muscle-relaxing effect that rivals strong coughing fits. Guava leaf extract has a mucolytic effect. Fennel oil has an expectorant effect. Tilia flower extract provides a soothing effect on cough and relieves chest muscle spasm associated with coughing attacks. Purified honey has a soothing effect on coughs, and increases the body’s immunity in addition to its healing effect. Adults: 15 ml 3 times daily.


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